Where are you located? Do you have a retail location?
We are a Canadian Company located in Ottawa, ON. Our warehouse is located at 13 Caesar ave. in Nepean. We have no current Naturally Vain retail locations. Our pick up orders are available our warehouse location.
What types of payment do you accept?
At checkout, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.
What is the expiry date on your products?
The majority of our products expiration dates are a year after the manufacture date. Bath bombs expiration date is 6 months after the manufacture date. Our products are made and delived to you freshly. Our incredible cold processed soaps never expire, however they might lose their scent over time.
How does the exchange rate work?
When shopping online, our prices automatically adjust according to which country you are in. So if you are in Canada, you will see the prices in CAD, and if you are in the United States, it will automatically change to USD.
Do you test on animals?
Never have, never will. That being said all of our products are safe, and the only thing we really test it on is ourselves because we love our products.
How do I edit/cancel my monthly subscriptions?
To cancel a membership you have to log in to your account, which can be found in the top right corner. Once logged in, under 'My Account' (found at the bottom of the homepage), you can click manage subscriptions. Under manage subscriptions you can cancel. You may also skip or pause which is a great way to slow down shipments! If you do not have an account please email and an administrator will send you an account invite to get access to your account.

Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

Our processing times for packages are 1-3 days. Each package is hand packed and handled with care.

Why can't I track my package?
If your order comes with tracking options you should receive your tracking information in you shipping confirmation email. If it says your tracking number can't be found it means, either your package hasn't been scanned by Canada Post yet or you might not have tracking available for your package. Most services have tracking available. For more information check Canada Post or USPS's websites.
Are the packing materials eco-friendly?

At Naturally Vain we do our best to find eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for packing and shipping orders. Most of the materials we use are recyclable made from papers or cardboard. Our packing peanuts are made from starch, will break down in water and are non-toxic for the envoirment. On the rare ocassion that we would use plastic it would be for the protection of your order.

My package arrived and a product is damaged, what do I do?

We do our very best to pack your products as secure as we can. Unfortunately not everybody will care for your packages like we do. If you receive a package with products that have been damaged do not hesitate to reach out to us at our support email ( and an administrator will be happy to assist you. 

What is your Refund & Return policy?
Naturally Vain offers refunds, exchanges and returns on eligable orders. If you’d like to request one of these services please email with details and pictures (if possible) of the issue and/or reasoning behind the request. You have from the date of shipping 90 days to request a refund, return or exchange after 90 days these options are not guaranteed
Refund Conditions
Refunds can be issues on orders that are not able to be used or products that have been returned. If your product has been damaged please provide pictures to use to confirm the loss of product. Refunds can be refused by Naturally Vain if we suspect there are fraudulent requests (ex. A high number of previous returns/refunds, recurring issues that haven’t been proven). In a case where a refund is denied the customer will be given sufficient details as to why and will be offered other solutions such as
Return Conditions
Products can be returned if the container still contains at least 75% of product or the product has proven defects or issues. Refunds or exchanges that have been agreed on will be issued upon the return being delivered back to the Naturally Vain warehouse. Naturally Vain can provide the return label at the customers expense unless otherwise specified. (ex. the return label cost will be invoiced to the customer or subtracted from the refund amount).
Exchange Conditions
Exchanges may be offered for products that haven’t been used or opened. Exchanges will only be offered for products of equal to or lesser than the returned product. The replacement products in the exchange will only be shipped out once the original product has been returned to the Naturally Vain warehouse. Naturally Vain can provide the return label at the customers expense unless otherwise specified. (ex. the return label cost will be invoiced to the customer)  
How does local pickup work?
If you are in the Ottawa region and you'd like to do a pick up order select pick up at check out. You will receive an order confirmation email and a second email when your order is ready to pick up. Our pick up hours are 10am - 3pm on weekdays only, you can pick up anytime within these hours.